Our Suite of Services

From conception through production, we apply the principles of user-centred design to everything we do. Our work is grounded in research, collaboration, and creative practice.

Product & Experience Design

We start with understanding; people, interaction, markets; to discover the unmet wants and needs and explore opportunities to transform bold ideas into world-class products and experiences.

UX Research & Prototype Testing

User Flows & Journey Mapping

UI & Interaction Design

Strategy & Venture Design

Story & Content Creation

You might find us at times with our head in the clouds, dreaming up new worlds, characters and personalities. We play make believe and we invite you to join us.

Narrative & Character Development

Experience Beat Maps


Puzzle & Game Mechanics

Production & Fabrication

We transform our imagination into material reality. From wiring up Arduinos to programming CNC routers to rummaging through vintage stores, we turn spaces into places.

Set Design, Sourcing & Fabrication

Costume & Prop Sourcing & Fabrication

Light & Audio Design

Casting & Rehearsal Direction

Marketing, Communications & PR

We build brand stories and communities. We make promises and keep them. Authenticity, trust and rationality are at the core of our marketing and communication strategies.

Market Research & Data Analytics

Branding, Voice & Tone Development

Public Relations and Influencer Strategy


We find and attract world-class teams who bring passion and excitement to enact and embody the vision and values of the product experience.

Costume Experience Design

Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding & Training

On-site Management

Payroll and Staff Management

Did you know…?

Secret City opened the first ever escape room in Toronto. We’re obsessed with play and bringing people together. Learn more about where we came from and where we’re going.

Working Together

In design practice, the double diamond represents an approach to design that is collaborative, creative, and generative. We hold up the double diamond as a framework for how to work together to capture extraordinary ideas, and breathe life into them.

The diamond takes its shape from the process of diverging and converging that design goes through. Diverging means opening up and exploring the possible universe of concepts. Converging means refining and deciding and narrowing down to get the best solutions.


The discovery phase is the bedrock of design. We go out and load up on inspiration, user, competitive, and site research.


In the phase of definition, we determine what are the key insights from the discovery phase. This process of refinement allows us to focus on the key principles we want to take into development.


The development phase is a process of ideation, brainstorming, and opening up what is possible. This creative process is a collaboration between our technical and creative teams.


Finally, we develop and prototype our best designs, and rigorously test them with end users to gain additional insights into what is working and what we need to improve. 

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